Contacting ROLLER Support

If you need further assistance than is provided in our Knowledge Base, please log a support ticket or get in touch.

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Support Overview

If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the Knowledge Base, we endeavour to provide around the clock support to our clients. We provide this by subscribing to a 'Follow the Sun' support methodology, this consist of our Client Success Managers passing support requests between our offices in Melbourne, London and Los Angeles. The aim is to provide top tier around the clock support by increasing responsiveness, reducing delays, and minimising interruption when you need us most.


• Assistance via Support Tickets is available 24/7

Logging a Support Ticket

When logging a support ticket the fields required will be determined by the nature of the issue occurring, that way we are sure to obtain all the required information for us to follow your ticket to resolution. If you have previously submitted a ticket for your current enquiry, we recommend responding to your original support ticket.

  1. Go to our Support Request Form
  2. Complete your contact information
  3. Select topic of support request from the drop-down menu
  4. Complete topic related questions
  5. Complete detailed description of support request

Upon submitting your support request you will receive an email confirmation with your topic/request with the Ticket No. #XXXXX in the subject line, it will notify you that your request has been received and a case opened for you. It will also give you a link to view the status of your open case.

Once received, a support ticket is reviewed by a CS (Client Success) manager, and you will be either provided an answer to your support request or internally escalated the ticket, in both case's you will be updated via email.

Escalating a Support Ticket

Whether a support request is received by phone or through the support form submission, a request evaluated by the CS team member on duty and either solved at the time or internally escalated to a technical support ticket. In the case that an escalation is required, the CS team member will escalate the ticket to technicians in the appropriate department and subsequently provide you with a technical support number, BB-0000.


Tracking Support Ticket

Once a support ticket has been escalated, the CS manager will determine the severity of the support ticket based on the below severity matrix and provide technical support number commencing in a 'BB-XXXX'. When tracking a technical support ticket view email, phone, form submission, or live chat be sure to quote the BB-XXX number and CS manager will be able to provide its current status.


Expected Response Times

We endeavour to address all initial support request as promptly as possible based on the current influx of support request at that time. Once an issue has been internally escalated the response time is determined by the level of severity of the issue, the below matrix is an indicator of approximate response times based on severity.


Call Support by Region

If the matter is urgent or critical, of Severity 1 or 2 levels, please do not hesitate in contacting us immediately:

Asia Pacific

Melbourne (GMT+10)
9 am - 5:30 pm
+61 3 8103 3032


London (GMT+1)
9 am - 5:30 pm
+44 20 3514 1011

North America

Los Angeles (GMT-7)
9 am - 5:30 pm
+1 213-929-5385

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