Invoice Report

Head to the Reports Section

Hover over 'Reports' and click on the 'All reports' menu item



Click on the Invoice Report to open the report


If the invoice report isn't in your reports section and you would like this activated please reach out to ROLLER Support.

Search for Invoices

Using the search bar, you can type in the Booking Name or Booking ID, click Load Report to show results 



Filtering Data

You can filter by Due Date or Payment Date by clicking on the column names, this will sort either chronologically (as invoices are created), or in ascending or descending order


Adjusting Columns

Click on the grid icon on the right of the columns and you can select from the Drop down menus if you would like to remove or see certain columns, this includes:

  • Booking ID
  • Booking Name
  • Ussie Date
  • Due Date
  • Amount
  • Paid (status will be Yes or No)
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Type

Please note that this report will only show the Payment Date and Payment Type from when the Invoice Report is added to your platform



Click the hamburger icon in the top right if you need to export this into a CSV format




To have this on your platform, please reach out to ROLLER Support. 

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