Where customers can sign a Waiver

This article lists out the options customers have in signing their waiver

At the end of Checkout Flow

When a customer has purchased a sessions product, they are automatically prompted to sign a waiver once the transaction has been completed. On the Thank You page, there is a button to Sign Waiver which takes them to the Waiver page


Reminder Email

Customers will also can an email separate to their booking confirmation reminding them to Complete Waiver



From your website (optional)

This is purely optional, your Client Success Manager can provide you with a direct link to the Waiver page so you can embed in your website and customers can fill this out whenever they want to, even before they have purchased a ticket


Waiver Kiosk (optional) 

You can set up self-serve kiosks in your venue, have a few stands for tablets with the Waiver page. This allows people to sign the waiver before checking in or purchasing tickets from the Front of House. To find out more, please visit the New Features page in your Admin area


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