Group Pass

This article outlines the advanced settings you should apply to sell a group pass

There are a few different ways to create group passes depending on what you require, please read below on the different scenarios and solutions you can accomplish using ROLLER Passes

Minimum and Maximums

Scenario: Tickets are generally $15, you want to encourage big groups to purchase tickets, so you set a Group Discount price where a minimum booking of 10 receives a discounted price of $10 per person

Solution: Create another ticket type called Group Discount, set the price lower than your General Admission and set the Minimum Purchase to 10

Scenario: The event requires grouping people, for example, in a table scenario whereby they need to adhere to a minimum and maximum

Solution: Create a pass type for the size of the 'table', e.g. Table of 10 in the example below, set the minimum and maximum to both 10. If you have varying table sizes, you can create different pass types for table of 6 for a min & max of 6 and so on. To calculate the quantity= Number of tables x minimum or maximum. E.g. If you have 10 tables of 10, you can have 100 quantity for this pass type



Forcing Minimum Purchase

Scenario: For a customer to attend, it might be mandatory for them to purchase a certain ticket type. E.g. the event requires a minimum of 2 adults to attend, meaning if children are attending, they cannot go in unsupervised without adults purchasing a 2 tickets

Solution: Create a pass type where you set the minimum to 2 in the minimum purchase and check the Force Minimum Purchase. This means when a customer goes to check out, a minimum purchase of 2 is automatically added to their cart. This solution need not necessarily apply to Adults or Children, this could refer to a room hire fee



Group Passes

Scenario: Daily tickets available include for set groups such as a Family of 4 Pass or Family of 5 Pass

Solution: Create a pass type and set the price as the total price for the number of guests (this is the main difference between setting the Minimum and Maximum as the same number). For example, a single ticket is $34 whereas a family pass that admits a family of 5 (2 Adults + 2 children or 1 Adult + 4 children) is $120 for all 5 guests

Make sure to check the 'Group Pass' option and type in the number of guests the pass admits 


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