Using the Bookings grid view

How to use the Bookings Grid View, customise your views as well as exporting data

The Bookings Grid View allows collating upcoming bookings for a specific period of time and filter using specific data sets


Head to the Bookings page

Hover over the 'Bookings menu' and click on 'All Bookings'




Please note: if you are in a different view, you can select from the top right corner select Grid View from the button next to the 'Create a Booking' button 




How to Filter

Under the Bookings heading, you  can filter data based on the following:

  • Search bar allows you to search by name or ID
  • The calendar allows you to toggle by between days such as Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, On...(a specific date), Between...(a date range), Within the next... and within the last...
  • Booking status - this lets you select various booking status (you can select more than one) what's been Cancelled or Booked. You can also select between Pending, Complimentary, Partially Paid and Fully Paid
  • Product - if you want to only see the upcoming bookings for a particular product or products, click the drop down and you can use the search bar or scroll down to select all the applicable products
  • Booking manager - you can filter by which bookings were managed by certain staff members 


Once you have made selections, it will update your bookings based on your selected filters



Adjust Columns

You can adjust what columns display by clicking the Settings cog and select what column should be displayed. A check mark denotes that the column will be displayed. These are the columns available:

  • Booking Name
  • Contact Name
  • Booking Date
  • Transaction Date
  • Booking ID
  • Status
  • People
  • Cost 
  • Balance
  • Order Items
  • Comments
  • Sessions Time (only available if using the Sessions product)
  • POS Notes (only available if using POS)
  • Contact number
  • Company
  • Locations (only available if using Locations



Save View

If you have created a set of filters from the Default Bookings view, that you would like to continuously use, you can click the drop-down arrow from Bookings and click Save View.  If you click Revert, it will change back to the default view


Give your View a name and click Save View. Some of our clients use this to show:

  • Upcoming bookings that require full payment (filtering partially paid and pending bookings)- this allows staff to follow up with owing amounts for bookings
  • Upcoming Party bookings (filtering to party products) - this allows managers to see how many parties they have coming up for a specific period of time




If you would like to export the data as a csv, you can click the more button and select Export Bookings and Forms (.csv)


A pop-up modal will prompt you to select booking data to select what fields the export and any form data you would like to include:


For export requests that are too large, for example, a year's worth of transactions, weekly bookings with a lot of form data, etc, it is not possible to export immediately. Instead, the 'Export' button will be replaced by 'Alert me when complete' button

When the export is ready, the Notifications in Venue Manager will be updated with the ability to Download the report


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