Exporting gift card data

Find out gift card liability, complimentary vs paid gift cards, how many sales are made online vs in venue or upload new subscribers


Head to the products page

Hover over the 'Products' menu and select 'All Products'


From the 'Products' page, find the gift card product, click the more button and select 'View Giftcards'



Export Data

From the Gift card's page, click on the more icon in the top right and select Export



A pop-up modal will prompt you to choose what data to export, you can leave it at Select All or pick specific columns, we recommend ensuring to include the following:

  • Expiry 
  • Original Balance
  • Purchase Date
  • Remaining Balance
  • Unique Identifier (this is their Gift Card ID)
  • Purchase location- to compare how much is bought online versus in venue)
  • Payment method- to see how many are complimentary versus paid via cash or card


Once you click Export,  a CSV file will automatically download to your desktop and from here, you can filter the information. Sort the Purchase Date column if it is required to filter a specific period of time

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