Why is my Product showing as "Sold Out"

There will be times when your product shows as "Sold Out" when there is availability for a ticket type or the entire product. This is usually caused by an incorrect product setup



Possible incorrect configurations

  • Check that the capacity that has been set for the product - if your product only has 50 tickets available and you've sold 50, the product will say sold out. Adjust the number of tickets available if you have the ability to accommodate more spaces
  • Check that there is a location nominated on each ticket type - if the product is using a location that is used for other products and ticket types, and those products have been sold, it could lead to this product saying 'sold out'
  • Check the settings of when sales are set to close - per ticket type settings and the product level advanced settings. For example, if you set for sales to close 12pm every day, it will show as sold out



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