Update locations in existing booking

For those editing Sessions product set up, it is important that you update locations in your existing bookings

If you are changing your Sessions product set up, you will probably need to update locations for your existing bookings so that they follow the new rules of your edited product set up

For example, your product originally had 0 - 30 minutes Jump time and 30 - 60 minutes in the Party Room but you are now changing jump time to 0 - 60 minutes. Once you have updated your product set up, please follow these steps:


Get the list of all Upcoming Bookings

  1. Hover over the 'Bookings' menu and click on 'All Bookings' albookings.gif


2. Change the filter settings as follows:

  • Date filter settings to "Within the next..." so you can see all upcoming bookings and type in 100 weeks
  • Filter your Product settings to the product you've just updated
  • If there are any other filters applied, ensure to remove them so you don't miss any bookings

3. Click on the more button in the top right and select 'Export Bookings and Forms' from the drop-down menu. A pop up modal will appear prompting you to select which columns of data to include. Please ensure to check Booking ID and click 'Export'


Update the Locations on each Booking

1. With the list of bookings you have exported, copy the booking ID of the first booking and paste it in the Search bar. Click on the correct booking to open it 



2. Click on the Items tab and click 'Edit Location' in the bottom left, click 'Update Location'.  This will ensure that the booking follows the location rules of your recently edited product 



3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each & every booking on the spreadsheet

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