Early Bird

This article shows you how to create an Early Bird or First Release offer to encourage early sales with the promise of a discounted price

The Early Bird catches the worm. Early Bird offers exist to create a sense of urgency and to reward customers who purchase early on. It's best to let your customers know that Early Bird offers are limited and to show another ticket type as a comparison


You can create an Early Bird Pass type that's either quantity specific or time sensitive:

  • Quantity specific means that once it's sold out, the price goes up from Early Bird to your General Admission (another ticket type). To set this, set a small portion of your tickets to this ticket type by typing in a specific quantity 
  • Time sensitive means that it doesn't matter how many tickets are sold, you can set Early Bird tickets to only go on sale for the first week or month, after which the ticket type disappears from the checkout and only the other ticket types are available e.g. General Admission or VIP. To set this, check the 'Override Sales Period For This Ticket' setting, this will override the pass product's sales period for this specific pass type, adjust the 'Sale Starts' date & time as well as the 'Sales Ends' date & time. Tip: it's best not to make the early bird period too lengthy



  • Set it up as both quantity specific and time sensitive


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