Reconnect to Card Machine (Adyen)

When connection to card machine is lost using the Adyen integration - the card machine is not responding when you click complete payment. 


Perform the following steps:

1 . Check that card machine has an ethernet cable plugged in securely and that the power cable is plugged in and turned on

2.  Right-click the "Reconnect to Card Machine" shortcut on the desktop and select 'Run as administrator'  from the drop down menu. If a pop up modal appears for User Account Control, select 'Yes'


Wait 10 seconds for connection to be established

3. Go to 'ROLLER POS' on Google Chrome and reload the webpage 

After reloading, wait 10 seconds (this allows the Card Machine to be registered and authenticated to use with that specific instance of Roller Doorlist)

4. Complete a card payment by selecting any product. To test this, you need to create a transaction and go to the Payment Page and complete Payment with Card

Restart the web browser after resetting ROLLER Connect, if it didn't work the first time

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