ROLLER Products

This is an introduction and overview of all the ROLLER products available on the platform

Depending on the venue's platform subscription, certain modules and/or products may not be activated. To see all products available for your specific platform, please click here



This allows venues to sell event tickets for specific dates or day passes for single use or for your customers to purchase passes that can be redeemed one or more times during a period of time you have defined, such as multi-passes, season and annual passes.



The Sessions builder is for venues to sell allocated times for activities such as trampoline park or laser tag sessions. This product must always be used in conjunction with Locations



This product configuration uses the Sessions builder that allows clients to sell term-based classes to customers such as regular sessions for a set duration of time or across multiple dates. Such as a fitness class every Monday from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm for 8 weeks



The Gift Cards module sells prepaid stored-value cards to customers which can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases and can be used to redeem on other products



Add-ons are used to upsell items or special offers for customers during the online sales journey before check out- these cannot be sold stand-alone online without a pass or session product



Stock is used for sale and distribution of goods or merchandise within the venue such as food & beverage items, memorabilia 

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