Daily capacity view

This view is only for clients using Locations

1. Go to Bookings Daily Capacity


Please note, if you are on a different view, you can click the button make sure you click the icon next to the 'New Booking' button and select Daily Capacity View from the drop-down


2. Filter 

Under the heading, you can filter the following:

  • Calendar - allows selecting a specific date to view
  • Locations - allows selecting which locations to see on the view
  • Opening time and closing time lets you filter to narrow this to a specific time frame

Once you have selected filters, the page will update to show you real time figures. If you hover over the coloured tiles, it will let you know how many people are booked in and how much capacity is still available for that hour against the Location

It is colour coded to display the following:

  • Green - Available
  • Yellow - Selling fast (more than 50% booked)
  • Red - Sold out

Save View

If you have created a set of filters from the Daily capacity view, that you would like to continuously use, you can click the drop-down arrow from Bookings and click Save View.  If you click Revert, it will change back to the default view


Give your View a name and click Save View




Once you have selected the locations as well as opening and closing times, you can then export this information as a CSV file. Click the three dot button and select "Export Daily Capacity" from the dropdown and it will automatically download the file to your desktop


Please note that the export option will only show capacity per hour per location - the figure represented shows the number of customers that have booked in for that hour



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