How to Edit the Expiry of a Pass

Follow these steps if you want to extend the expiry of a customer's ticket

When you create a pass - you have the option to originally set it to expire a set amount of time from the date of purchase e.g. Day Ticket is valid for one use and expires 1 year from date of purchase or Season Pass is valid for 3 months from date of purchase

Time to time, you might want to adjust this for a customer due to certain circumstances, follow the steps below to carry this out: 

Find your Booking

In the Search, type in the Booking ID or Booking Name and select the booking from the drop down options


Adjust Expiry

On the customer's booking, click on the Order tab (second tab from the left) - if you can adjust the expiry of a pass, there will be a small calendar icon underneath the Delete icon

Once you click on this, a calendar will drop down and you can choose the date you want to adjust this to. Click on < and >  to toggle between the months. Please note you are able to backdate the expiry if necessary


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