Discount Code Usage Report

Read up on how to track redemptions of your discount codes with our Discount Code Usage Report

If this hasn't been enabled for the platform, please log a support request

Open the Discount Code Usage Report

Hover over 'Reports' and click on the 'All reports' menu item



From your list of Reports, click on the report to open it



Find your Discount Code

You can either:

  • Search for the Discount code by typing in the search box and pressing enter
  • or Filter by selecting the discount code from the drop-down menu, click Reset if you don't want to look at a specific discount code


How to Read the Discount Code Report

Below the search field is the values for the Total Booking Cost (amount of money received for the booking) and Total Discount (amount of money discounted), by default it will show this for all discount codes. If you select a particular discount code from the search or filter, this will update the totals for that specific discount


Each discount code will be tied to the unique booking and you'll be able to see the following information for every code:

  • Booking ID
  • Booking Name
  • Date Used
  • Total Booking Cost ($0 if it's 100% discounted)
  • Discount Value
  • Booking Location (Online vs POS vs Venue Manager)
  • POS Device (if redeemed via Point of Sale)
  • POS Operator (if redeemed in POS by a certain staff member
  • Unique Code Used 
  • Remaining Validity - this shows how many times the discount code has been used, e.g if it says 10/10, the discount code cannot be used again

FAQ - Why does the same discount code appear over multiple lines?
If you have adjusted your discount code to be used by multiple customers, it will show for each booking the discount code is used. Likewise, if you have a Multi-Pass product that allows a customer to use the product for example 10 times, each time they use the code, it will create a new line in the report



Adjust Column Settings

You can adjust what columns you want to see in this report, at any time, by clicking the Settings cog and selecting or deselecting from the drop down menu. A  ✓ denotes that this information will display on the page. Clicking Reset will adjust it to the default (all columns)




You can export the data by clicking the more button in the top right and select Export (CSV) from the drop-down menu, this will automatically download whatever is on your screen (all unless you selected a specific discount code) to your desktop as a CSV file format


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