How to upgrade a Pass in POS

Upgrade your customer's pass from one type of pass to another e.g. from Gold to Platinum. This article describes how to do this in your POS

If you don't have this feature activated, you can get this on your platform by logging a support ticket


Find the Pass Booking in POS

Once you have logged into POS, click on the Bookings tab in the left hand side menu and search for the Pass you want to upgrade by typing in their name or preferably their Booking ID. Select the correct pass from the drop down



Upgrade the Pass

Click the Upgrade button



A pop-up modal will prompt you to select which pass from the drop-down menu to upgrade to. Click Done once you've selected the correct upgrade option


Take Payment

Once you have upgraded it, you will be taken to the Payment page to pay the amount owed - select from Cash, Card, Gift Card or RFID and Complete Payment


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