Removing Legacy Session Times from your Product

Need to close online bookings for a specific day or specific time due to maintenance or perhaps a special event. Click here to find out how

Find your Product to Edit

In the Admin area, click on Products in the left-hand side menu

Scroll down to the Product you need to adjust and click the more button, select Edit from the dropdown menu

Close Off Specific Times

Scroll to the Calendar and select the date where you need to remove some sessions. Click the Delete button and change the colour swatch for that date e.g. to black to 
show that day has been amended from the usual schedule

Close Off Specific Dates

Scroll down to the Exclusion Period section and select Select dates...

A pop-up modal will appear, allowing you to choose either specific dates on a calendar or you can select recurring dates

Save your Changes

To make these new edits live on your platform, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Publish 

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