Extending Availability of Legacy Sessions

If you're noticing that you don't have sessions available for future dates, it might be time to extend your availability


Find your Product

From your platform, click on Products in the left-hand side menu

Click the funnel icon and from the drop-down menu choose Passes, then scroll down to your product and click Edit

Adding Availability 

Scroll down to the Calendar section which is just under Pass Types. Please remember, if you have different schedules for different days, please remember that the coloured dots are used to distinguish a different schedule. For example, as below, blue denotes a schedule for Monday and Tuesday, green denotes that there is a different schedule for Wednesday - Friday and orange is for the weekend

To duplicate sessions from one date to the other and extend availability. Select the date you want to duplicate (it will be circled) and click Duplicate to other days. If you choose Specific Days, you will have to click each date manually one by one, but if you select Recurring Days, you can duplicate to each date during a specified date range

In the example below, we are duplicating all blue sessions to every Monday and Tuesday from May 1st to the next year. To duplicate the other days, repeat those same steps and make sure to duplicate each colour one by one

Save Changes

Click Publish to save changes and make this live. It will update this product in any checkout flow you may have

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