ROLLER Glossary

Read up on our terminology dictionary developed by ROLLER for users to understand our system and services


  • Account - platform provided as part of the ROLLER service that includes one or more venues
  • Account menu - menu in the VM masthead where venue groups are listed and where the user can log out
  • Activity - a log of events that have occurred in relation to a booking or customer
  • Add-on - product typically sold as an upsell alongside an associated pass
  • Admin- backend tool used by ROLLER to create and edit venues
  • Adyen - online payment gateway popular in the US
  • Allocate device - the act of linking a virtual device (created in ROLLER to a physical device)
  • Alternate address - used to specify an address other than the venue address at which an event occurs
  • Annual pass - pass with unlimited entry for a year from purchase
  • App - standalone tool, used for specific tasks, running on its own dedicated device
  • Availability - a number of items available for purchase at a given time
  • Availability selector - a tool used in VM to search for available products with specified criteria


  • Booking  - order placed by a customer to be used at a venue containing booking items, purchase information and customer details
  • Booking calendar - a tool used to visually represent past and future bookings at a monthly level and make bookings based on availability
  • Booking confirmation email - email received by booking holder upon booking confirmation or time of purchase
  • Booking date - date at which a booking occurs (not to be confused with transaction date)
  • Booking email - email address where notification for online bookings are sent
  • Booking holder - customer in whose name the booking is held
  • Booking ID - the unique number assigned to a booking
  • Booking item - a single entity within a booking
  • Booking name - booking holder used for the booking name unless otherwise specified
  • Booking notes - notes made against a booking by VM users. Not shown in POS
  • Braintree - online payment gateway popular in Australia


  • Cart - a collection of items a customer intends to buy
  • Checkout -customised online tool (either embedded in a venue's website or standalone) used to sell selected products
  • Checkout builder - tool in VM used to create and manage custom online checkouts
  • Clients -subscribers and users of ROLLER products (not to be confused with customers)
  • Client Success Manager - ROLLER team member that manages onboarding and supports clients
  • Cloud-baseddata stored, managed and processed online
  • Company - a single entity with many contacts used to make a booking for a business
  • Complimentary - booking that's been given free of charge
  • Confirmed - booking status where the capacity is reserved; ie. any booking status that is not draft
  • Contact - customer attached to a booking
  • Contact phone -phone number used by ROLLER to contact the venue
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - a collection of tools that allow venues to track customers and their behaviour
  • Customer -person or company that purchases items from the venue


  • Dashboard - a visual overview of a venue's sales and attendance is shown in VM when a user first logs in
  • Data binding - method of storing new data in a venue's database so that it can be used in the correct place later
  • Data capture - the act of collecting useful information from your customers to help with analytics or marketing
  • Data import - method of adding information (e.g., booking, customers) to the ROLLER platform from an external source
  • Default logo - a venue's logo used in all instances unless otherwise specified at the application level
  • Device (physical) - hardware used to run ROLLER applications
  • Device (virtual) - configuration of settings and products used on a physical device 
  • Device template - reusable device configuration used to set up and manage multiple devices from a single place
  • Discount - fixed or percentage amount reduced from the total sale cost (please note this cannot be applied to gift cards)
  • Discount code - the alphanumerical code used to redeem discounts
  • Donation - product type that is a donation to the venue, has no tax element and legal donation receipt can be provided



  • EMBED points - third-party points system that allows customers to redeem products for points in POS
  • Enquiry email - email address where enquiries submitted by forms are sent
  • Exclusion date - days when a product cannot be sold
  • Expiry datedate at which point a product is no longer redeemable


  • Fast cash - quick method of completing a sale in the POS that bypasses....
  • Forms - tool for collecting data from customers
  • Form builder -tool in VM used to create and edit forms


  • Gift card -pre-paid, a reusable voucher redeemable at a venue for a given time, usually given as a gift
  • Gift card ID - a unique identifier assigned to gift cards, either generated automatically or defined by the venue
  • GL Codesee reporting category
  • Global search - search field in the masthead of VM and an option in POS that is used to search for bookings, customers, and ticket holders
  • Grid - filterable, sortable list that uses columns to display the properties of each item
  • Group booking - booking for multiple guests
  • Group ticket - a ticket that allows multiple people to be admitted with the purchase of one ticket


  • Header logo –horizontal version of a venue's logo used at the top of screens when there is little vertical space


  • Inbox – module containing all form responses from customer enquiries
  • Itemised ticket - ticket containing a single booking item, accessed by the booking item ID


  • Knowledge Base - library of support articles that explain how to use ROLLER


  • Location - defines the capacity of physical areas in a park to prevent overselling
  • Loglist of calls or tasks relating to a booking
  • Loyalty - program used by venues to encourage repeat visitation/ purchase by offering rewards


  • Mailing list - user-accepted list of customers and their email addresses, used to send product updates, promotions or other marketing material
  • Manager code - password used to restrict some roles from performing certain actions (e.g., refunds)
  • Master ticket - ticket containing all booking items, accessed by the booking ID
  • Masthead - global header of VM containing links to support, the notification centre, global search and the account menu
  • Member - a type of customer that receives benefits such as special offers and discounts
  • Membership - pass that defines the benefits awarded to members
  • Menugroup or category of products defined by the venue and sold in the POS
  • Minor - customer that is not old enough to sign their own waiver and must have it signed by a parent or guardian
  • Modifier - property added to an item at the time of purchase such as milk to coffee
  • Modifier group - set of similar modifiers, grouped so that a single option can be selected from the group when added to a product
  • More button - button with three dots that provides contextual actions to the item associated with it
  • Multiple booking location - location which allows for many bookings from different customers to fill up the capacity
  • Multi-pass - pass that can be redeemed multiple times over a given period


  • Notification centre - repository located in the VM masthead of notifications generated at the completion of long-running, user-requested reporting tasks



  • On-site - occurring or available at a physical location
  • Onboarding - the process of setting up a new venue
  • Open product - a product with no defined price — which is determined at the time of sale
  • Opt-in - customer's explicit decision to join the mailing list
  • Opt-out - customer's explicit decision to not join, or be removed from the mailing list
  • Order - term interchangeable with 'booking' but not encouraged
  • Overbooking - booking with a quantity of items greater than the availability


  • Package - a group of products sold for a single price
  • Package variations - package that contains multiple variations of groups of products
  • Par qty - quantity set to help manage stock levels
  • Party - session-based group booking that occurs across multiple locations at a venue
  • Pass - type of product that gives access to a venue or activity
  • Passcode - password used to log in to POS
  • Payment Express - online payment gateway popular in New Zealand
  • Payment gateway - online merchant through which payment is processed
  • Payment terminal - device used to make payments with debit/ credit card
  • Pending - status of booking awaiting confirmation or settlement
  • Platform - software, hardware and other technology underlying the ROLLER service
  • Playground - copy of a live environment used for training
  • POS (Point Of Sale) - app used at a venue to sell products, attach waivers to bookings and check-in customers
  • POS notes - notes against a booking by POS users. Shown in both POS and VM
  • POS tile - button displayed in a POS menu that contains a summary of an individual product and when clicked, adds a single instance of that product to the cart
  • Primary colour - venue's primary brand colour, used in all apps unless specified at the app level
  • Product - entity created and sold through the ROLLER platform, such as a pass, session, membership, add-on, or gift card
  • Product category - a user-defined group of products
  • Product instructions information recorded at the product level and given to customers after they make a purchase. Displayed in emails and on PDF tickets
  • Public phone - phone number displayed in customer-facing applications such as booking confirmation emails


  • Recurring pass - pass used for classes and other repeating events
  • Redemption - the act of exchanging a pre-purchased pass in return for a booking
  • Redemption date - date by which a product must be used
  • Release notes - a record of all new features and improvements released to the ROLLER platform
  • Renew - the act of increasing the validity of a membership for a given period
  • Report - set of data gathered from a ROLLER account over a given time period used for accounting and analysis
  • Reporting category - identifier used to categorise products for reporting purposes (GL codes)
  • Reserve - action on a booking which reserves the capacity and confirms the booking
  • Retail barcode scanning - ability to automatically add items to the cart in POS by scanning the barcode on a physical item
  • RFID - wireless technology used to transmit data between a device and ROLLER
  • Role - category assigned to a staff member that limits their permissions
  • ROLLER Champion - a staff member who can log support tickets on behalf of the venue
  • ROLLER Connect - service for integrating payment terminals and printers with ROLLER
  • ROLLER Mail - email marketing campaign builder and database management tool
  • Runsheet - grid used to display session-based bookings at the booking item level


  • Sales channel - place where a sale occurred: VM, POS/ SSK or online checkout
  • Saved view saved the configuration of column and filter settings for a grid
  • Schedule - reusable configuration of days on which a product is sold
  • Season passpass with unlimited entry for a defined period
  • Secondary colour - venue's secondary brand colour, used in all apps unless specified at the app level
  • Segment - a group of customers that share a combination of attributes or demographics e.g., customers with a birthday in March
  • Self Serve Kiosk - a standalone app that runs on a kiosk, desktop computer or tablet that allows customers to buy products and sign waivers
  • Session - an interval of time when an activity occurs
  • Session passpass used to redeem a session-based activity
  • Simple package - package that contains a single group of products
  • Single location booking - location in which the full capacity is reserved when any one booking is placed in that location
  • Staff - all users who hold an account at a venue
  • Standard pass - pass that can be redeemed for an activity that does not have a specific duration
  • Starting balance - initial balance of a gift card when purchased
  • Stockgoods or merchandise kept on the premises of a venue that is available for sale or distribution
  • Sync bookingsaction from POS which directly syncs the latest booking data to the POS local storage
  • Sync waiversaction from POS which directly syncs the latest waiver data to the POS local storage


  • Tab - a tally of items ordered that needs to be settled prior to leaving
  • TeamViewer - third-party software installed in your POS terminals that enables ROLLER to access your devices temporarily for support and training purposes
  • Thumbnail - small image used to add visual information to help sell or describe a product in the checkout, POS, availability selector or Self Serve Kiosk
  • Ticket - manifestation of a pass that gives the holder access to a venue or activity
  • Ticket holder - customer associated with a specific booking item
  • Ticket type - child component of a pass used to define variations such as price or location
  • Till history - a record of past POS till sessions showing the payment totals and finalised cash balance
  • Till notenote left by a staff member alongside a POS till summary
  • Timeout -  duration of time that when expired, returns the application to a starting position
  • Timetracker - standalone app used by staff to register their own working hours
  • Token - tag used to retrieve a variable from a booking, venue or product etc. Used by venues to create dynamic content for emails etc
  • Transaction date - date when a booking was purchased (not to be confused with booking date)


  • Upgrade - the act of substituting a membership for one that has greater value


  • Validity -a time period during which a pass can be redeemed
  • Variation - one of many child products of a parent stock item that shares some attributes but differs in others
  • Venue - a physical park or attraction where bookings are redeemed
  • Venue group - a collection of venues contained within one parent company and accessed with a single login
  • Venue Manager (VM) - tool used to manage a venue's products, bookings and operations


  • Waiver - a legal document that a customer must sign before participating in an activity in order to surrender their rights to pursue legal proceedings against a venue in the case of injury
  • Waiver holder - a customer that holds a valid waiver, signed by themselves or by a parent or guardian
  • Waiver kioskstandalone app used by customers to sign waivers at a venue
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