ROLLER Glossary

Read up on our terminology dictionary developed by ROLLER for users to understand our system and services


  • Add-ons - merchandise or items that you can up-sell to customers on their purchase journey
  • Admin- this is our online portal that you log into so you can use your platform to create products, managing bookings, and more; it is also known as VM (Venue Management)
  • Annual pass - an annual pass is a pass that allows for unlimited entry for a year from purchase date or as stated
  • Availability - a number of products available for any given time
  • Availability view - this view displays availability for each product based on the date restrictions set (eg daily)


  • Booking  - a reservation of a product including the order items, payment information and contact details
  • Booking confirmation email - email received by booking holder after successful purchase
  • Booking date - this refers to the date the customer has booked a product for, not to be confused with transaction date
  • Booking holder - customer in who's name the booking is held. Usually the owner of the booking email address
  • Booking ID - is a unique number assigned to a booking containing order items, customer information and payment information
  • Booking item - an order item part of the booking


  • Checkout - custom flow of products and sales journey, either embedded on the consumer website or stand alone link; rendered either on desktop- or mobile-browser
  • Clients - are the users of the software system that are selling products through ROLLER
  • Client Success Manager - manages onboarding and support of ROLLER clients
  • Cloud-based - is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet
  • Consecutive session - a session that can be over multiple hours, following after the original session time
  • Consultant - the ROLLER contact that originally signed a client
  • CRM - customer relationship management, tools that allow clients to track customer purchases and enquiries
  • Customer - the end-user using the system, who purchase items from clients platforms or in venue


  • Device - device can refer to the hardware such as computers or tablets or can refer to a device set up for your POS  
  • Discount - ability to reduce the price of a customer's order via a unique code or allocated percentage or dollar amount set, discounts cannot be used on gift cards


  • Expiry date - date to when a product is set to expire. This can be either a fixed date or a set amount of time from when the product is purchased


  • Forms - a tool for collecting data from customers
  • Form builder - a ROLLER module which allows custom forms to be built, they can either be part of the checkout process, can be emailed to clients after purchase or be a stand alone form embedded into the website to capture enquiries


  • Gift card - is a prepaid stored-value money card that allows customers to buy something for another, so that they can redeem in venue or purchase online from a client
  • Gift card ID - a unique number assigned to a digital or physical gift card containing gift card purchase information such as a purchaser, recipient, address, expiry. Not to be confused with Booking ID
  • GL Codes - general ledger codes are numerals you assign to different debit or credit entries to make accounting easier and more functional
  • Grid - the framework where the bookings, run sheet and reports are often displayed in
  • Group bookings - an act of reserving a product in advance for a group of people, this may incur the benefit of a discount


  • Inbox – a module that collates all customer enquiries from the forms module
  • Items - order items part of a booking


  • Location - locations can be designated within a venue if specific areas has designated capacities, e.g. the entire venue (Trampoline Park), function spaces (Party Room) or special areas (Laser Tag arena)


  • Manager Passcode - the Manager Passcode is a POS feature so that Door list staff can only do certain actions such as refunding customers, with the permission of the Manager 
  • Membership - is a module that allows customers to be a part of the Members program for a venue, paying a regular fee (eg monthly/annually) to receive benefits including discounts and special offers
  • Modules - our additional products not part of our core platform 
  • Multi-location - products can be applied to multiple locations, for example, 30 mins in a trampoline arena and 1 hour in a party room
  • Multi-pass - a pass that allows customers to buy a pass for a set amount of uses and it can be used to be redeemed for those uses over a set period of time e.g. 10 Use Multi Pass allows customers to book into a specific product 10 times


  • Online - available on or performed using the Internet or another computer network
  • On-site - taking place or available on a particular site or premises
  • Order - a list of products/services at agreed prices from a venue to a customer
  • Online Checkout - Online interface for processing sales through your website


  • Pass - a ticket giving authorisation for the holder to enter or have access to a venue or event
  • Passcode - a passcode can be set as an alternative way to login to POS, it is numeric and can be between 4-6 digits, must be unique to each staff member, a Manager's passcode can be used on POS to authorise restricted actions
  • Payment gateway - this is the online merchant which payment is processed through 
  • Payment terminal - a device which interfaces with payment cards to make electronic funds transfers e.g. POS terminal, credit card terminal or EFTPOS terminal
  • Platform - a standard for the hardware of a computer system, which determines what kinds of software it can run. Roller platform is our core platform that comes with fundamental products included
  • POS - point of sales, the ROLLER POS allows you to sell products from a venue and check in guests
  • POS User - staff member responsible for creating bookings at the ticket office on site, as well as checking in customers and linking waivers to booking
  • Product - types of software solutions to assist in selling of goods or services, this includes Passes, Sessions, Gift Cards
  • Product Categories - this functionality allows you to categories your products under certain categories such as "function related products", "fast food", etc


  • RFID - is a data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing data and provides a wealth of integrated tools that help combine operations, payment, and marketing with customer experience
  • ROLLER Mail - an email marketing campaign builder and database management tool that integrates with your ROLLER Platform
  • Runsheet - is a tool that displays booking data in a customisable view 


  • Season Pass - a season pass allows the customer that purchases it unlimited entry (as per restrictions) for the duration of a season, often used for Theme Park
  • Session pass - a ticket giving authorization for the holder to enter or have access to a venue or event for a specific duration
  • Stock - goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a venue that is available for sale or distribution


  • Tab - a tally of items ordered that need /to be settled prior to leaving
  • Ticket - a ticket gives the holder entry into a venue or event
  • Ticket holder - customers who are part of the booking and are not the booking holder
  • Transaction date -  this refers to the date the customer has purchased a product on, not to be confused with booking date


  • URL - the specifying Internet address for your product or website, also known as a link


  • Validity - when a product is officially accepted as per product configuration and date settings
  • Venue - a place of business that the client owns and is using a platform for
  • Venue group - businesses or franchises that sit under one parent company
  • Venue management -  this is our online portal that you log into so you can use your platform to create products, managing bookings, and more; it is also known as Admin 


  • Waiver form -  online instance of the waiver form, rendered on a desktop or mobile browser 
  • Waiver kiosk - dedicated touchscreen tablet used to complete and sign online waiver forms at the venue
  • Widget/Group Widget (Discontinued) - see 'Online Checkout' 
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