Redemptions by Ticket Report

Redemptions by Ticket Report

The Redemptions by Ticket Report will give you a list of every single Pass that is valid for a selected date range, including the number of times that Pass has been redeemed.



What is this report used for?

The purpose of using this report is to see a list of each individual Pass issued, the name associated with that Pass as well as the number of times each Pass has been used.



What data can you see?

In order to adjust the column displayed on the report, select the cog icon:




The columns available are:

  • Booking ID is the booking reference number in ROLLER that the transaction was against     
  • Ticket ID is the individual Pass reference number in ROLLER
  • Booking Name is the name of the customer who piurched the Pass
  • Ticket Holder Name is the specific name attached to each ticket. If a specific name has not been allocated to each ticket, this will be the same as Booking Name
  • Product Name is the name of the Product and Ticket type purchased
  • Purchase Date is the date and time the Pass was purchased
  • Expiry Date is the date that each Pass will expire
  • Post Code is the Post Code attached to each booking
  • Redeemed Count is the number of times each Pass has been checked in



Frequently Asked Questions

What does the date filter pull in?

The date filter will pull in any tickets that are valid in the selected date range, and the Redeemed Count against each one will be the number of check ins within that date range.

What is average attendance?

Average Attendance is the average number of check ins within the selected date range of the tickets that were valid in that date range.

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