Processing sales on POS

Read this article to find out how to navigate through POS so you can take orders on your POS

Toggling between Menu Tabs & Adding Items

You can toggle between your POS tabs and add various ticket types, add-ons or stock to the cart from different menu tabs

Add items to the cart by clicking on the respective tile and the cart will update accordingly

If you click on the date next to the search bar, you can skip to a future date and purchase tickets for other days in one transaction 


Making Adjustments from the Cart

You can increase or decrease the number of tickets from the cart as well. By clicking on the number of items, you can adjust it accordingly with the keypad

If you are selling sessions and have consecutive hours available, you can adjust the duration by clicking on the time and duration. Remove items by clicking the trash can icon


Adding Discounts

If Discounts are enabled in your POS settings, you'll be able to add discounts to the booking you are processing. Click discounts and select between Code, $ or % if you have the latter two enabled

Type in the discount code and click Add, repeat steps if you want to add multiple discount codes. For custom discounts, you may be required to have a Manager code to utilise the function if this setting is enabled

Please note: you can only apply discounts to Gift Cards in POS if you have this functionality switched on, this will only work in conjunction with custom discounts as gift cards cannot be discounted from Admin or the Checkout. To activate the Discounts on POS Gift Cards functionality, please get in touch with us.



Adding Customer Data

If you have your POS settings to capture new customer details while transacting, the 'Customer details' section will automatically pop up, if this setting is off, you can click the user icon in the top right


From Customer details, you can capture:

  • Country 
  • Postcode
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Add customer to mailing list - marketing opt-in 
  • Phone number
  • Notes





Taking Payment 

Once you're ready to take payment, click the green Pay Total button at the bottom right and you will be shown the various payment options. Choose the payment method by clicking on its designated button



If you picked Cash, denominations will be listed so you can select the notes you've been paid and it will deduct from the Amount Owing. Click the Complete Button once it's changed from orange to green and it'll calculate the Expected Change 




If you select Card, click Complete Payment and follow the prompts on your connected payment terminal


Gift Card

When you pick Gift Card, type in the gift card ID into the pop up modal and press Continue. If your Gift Card balance is less than the cart total, you can take the remainder of payment by other methods



Completing Payment

Once you have taken payment, you have the option to Go to Booking, Print Receipt or Start New Sale 




Please see below for the template for the Receipt, it is fully itemised per booking item and includes the costs, discount applied and subtotal:



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