Checking in Guests on Doorlist

Manage your guests arrival with our POS tool for easy and efficient entry management

Head to the Bookings Tab

Click the Bookings tab and you will be able to search bookings by name or ID number

How to Check In Guests

If you have a scanner, you can scan tickets from anywhere within POS and it'll automatically bring up the booking/ticket (and check in in the guest if you have this setting turned on)

Otherwise, when you select a ticket from the search results, you have the option to Check in All or you can tick the circles to check in individual guests if groups show up separately. There is also the option to Show Only Available tickets

Things to Take Notice Of

  • If there are special notes to a booking, the Notes button will be green in colour. Click the green button and a pop up modal will appear with additional notes. If required, you can edit or update notes accordingly- remember to click Save Changes if you make amendments
  • If the date & time does not match the current time, there is a red warning saying it's not matching the current time and/or the ticket is not for today
  • If you have waivers on your platform, and this booking has waivers missing, there will be an orange warning. You can click Manage Waivers to search via name or email in case it didn't link, if it's not in the system, you need to get them to sign one then and there
  • If you use our POS system and have a payment terminal installed and there is money owing on a booking - there will be a green Charge button (if no money is owing, the button is grey) and in that same area, it shows the paid amount and the total of the booking. Please note, if you are only using Doorlist and not our POS functionality, you can't take payments through the system, you'll have to take payments externally 
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