How to issue an Invoice

Find your Booking

Head to the Search bar and look for the customer's booking either by typing in their Name or Booking ID. Select the correct booking from the drop-down menu


If your booking has an amount owing, it will show in yellow text under 'Owing', next to the Payment figure



Create New Invoice

Next to the 'Take Payment' button, there is one for 'New Invoice'



When you click this button a pop-up modal will appear, you need to select the following settings:

  • The applicable Payment Methods so that it appears on the invoice to the customer e.g. Cash, C/Card, Cheque. If nothing is checked, your customer cannot see the payment options. Click here to see what Payment Methods you can set
  • Set it to the full amount or a deposit (dollar amount set by you) and select the Payment due date. Click Preview Invoice

A preview will appear in the Send Payment Invoice pop up of what it will send to the customer, please note any links created can only be viewed once the invoice is sent and generated. You can change, add or omit details in all text fields:

  • the address in customer email (e.g. send to yourself)
  • the email subject will state "Your Platform Name - Booking Invoice", you can again add more detail such as the booking date 
  • Body copy will provide more information including payment methods, you can adjust all wording but do not adjust anything that is linked such as the Credit Card payment or invoice link

Click Send Invoice when you are ready, if they pay by Credit Card using ROLLER, it will automatically update the booking, if they are paying by alternative methods, it is up to the staff to ensure bookings are updated as they are paid

Invoice Activity

Any invoices that have been sent out can be seen in the Activity Stream. Please note - for each and every booking you should only send one invoice at one time 


If you click the more button on the invoice history, you can:

  • Cancel Invoice -  will automatically cancel the invoice, you cannot reverse this action. If you find that you have made a mistake with an invoice, always cancel the outstanding invoice before generating a new invoice


  • Mark as Paid -  a pop-up modal will give you options to mark the time & date and payment method


  • Resend - this will automatically resend to the customer and original email address invoice was sent to


  • View Email - this will open in a new tab to display what was originally sent to the customer
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