Exporting Bookings

We have a nifty way to view bookings for a specific product for a set period of time, such as an entire week or fortnight, and all in one document


Head to Bookings

Hover over the 'Bookings menu' and click on 'All Bookings'



On the Bookings page you can filter by:

  • Booking name or #
  • Selecting the date- a specific date or range
  • The booking status- fully paid vs cancelled vs pending vs partially paid vs complimentary
  • Product(s) - select all that apply
  • Booking manager

From there, click 'Apply' to see bookings that match selected filters. Once you have the bookings you want, go to the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the more button and select 'Export bookings and Forms (.csv)'

The pop up modal 'Export booking data' pop up modal will appear, this step is optional and you can choose any booking data fields that you want to export, e.g. Booking name and Session time would be fairly important to export, and also make sure to select any form that you have asked customers to complete during the checkout process.

Then that's it! Click the 'Export' button and a CSV file will be downloaded onto to the computer (like magic) and it will contain all the party bookings in the one single view. You will be able to open this document in Excel


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