How to make changes to your form

Need to make changes to your forms or delete forms you no longer require 

Find your Form

Hover over 'Forms' in the 'Settings' menu and click on 'All Forms'



Scroll down or click the Filter icon (funnel) to search for your form by typing in it's name, press enter



Make Changes to Your Form

Click the more button and choose from the Edit, Duplicate and Delete


Edit will take you to the form settings, Duplicating will create a replica of your form which you can then edit, and clicking Delete will prompt you to confirm. Once you click OK, there is no way to recover this form or its data and once you edit a form, you can revert it to original settings



Please note the following when making changes:

  • Adding form elements will have no consequence but please note past submissions won't have this information if they are additional questions
  • Removing form elements can mean that the export won't show the items you removed, even if they were filled out before you made the changes
  • Do not remove options from value sets if a response has selected that option
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