How to manage Till from the Admin area

We have created a new feature that allows you to manage your Till from the ROLLER Platform Admin area

Head to the POS Devices page 

Hover over 'Settings' and click on 'POS Devices' from the menu options




On the Devices page, scroll down to the device you want and click on the more button on the right side, click Manage Till from the drop-down menu



The POS Till page

  • Displays the most recent till history for that device, displaying start & end times and it's status (Active vs Closed)
  • Shows you the most recent till entry below that. If you have more than one recent entry for the day, you can toggle between the different entries by selecting it, a green colour denotes the chosen Till entry
  • Allows you to Make Adjustment, Close Till and Print Till




Making Adjustments

Click the Make Adjustment  button and a pop-up window will prompt you to add in the adjustment amount:

  • Withdrawal - to remove some cash, type in minus before your amount e.g. -200
  • Deposit - to add cash into the till, just write the amount to add in e.g. 200
  • Press Adjust Till Balance to confirm that




Print Till

Clicking the Print Till button downloads a PDF version of the Till Report for that device so that you can save it or print from your computer




Closing Till

Once you are ready to Close Till, you'll be prompted to type in the Actual Cash Balance in a pop-up modal before you can Close Till Session. Once you close this, you cannot adjust the til

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