Sync your eftpos device with your POS

Select Hardware from Settings



Decide your eftpos settings: 

  • Auto Print receipt allows you to print an itemized receipt, this must be using a separate printer
  • Offline card payments- if OS is offline and you need to process payments without being online, this allows you to process manual payments
  • Use Roller Print Service enhances the speed and reliability of printing of receipts and production dockets from POS

On your eftpos terminal:

  • Hit the Main Menu button and select Menu
  • Select Configuration and press OK
  • Enter your Admin Password
  • Select Integrated Eftpos and then Pair with POS
  • You will be shown MID and TID details

Finish linking them up

  • Type the MID and TID details
  • Click Pair with payment terminal
  • The devices will start talking, click Start on your eftpos terminal and a pop up will confirm if it is Connected. Select Done when this is complete
  • Click Save Settings on your POS and the devices will be in sync
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