Set up your POS Devices

Add a Device

Hover over 'Settings', from the 'POS Devices' flyout menu, click on 'Add a POS Device'



Please note, if you are already in POS devices, you can click on the 'Add a POS device' button in the top right


Write in the name of your device and if applicable a Till Balance. Click Save Details once you're done



Your devices list will be updated with all devices, the till balance and status of allocation. If a device is already allocated, it cannot be used by another point of sale



If you have multiple staff or multiple POS devices - it is highly recommended to create Doorlist operator accounts for each staff member or for each POS location. If you create it for each staff member, you can track each staff member's actions or if you create logins by device location, you can allocate one login to one device 

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