Invoices - an introduction

Invoices contain:

  • The venue name
  • Legal business name
  • ABN/VAT/ business number
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Invoice number (automatically generated)
  • Date invoice is issued
  • Date invoice is due
  • Name & contact details of person to invoice
  • Itemised list of items booked/purchased
  • Amount received and owing
  • Payment options

Payment Options

To set the various payment options you want available for your invoices, please let us know by logging a support request which options you would like and what the instructions that customers need to know for each option. This includes:

  • Cash - default option, is set to "Bring your payment with you when you arrive to the venue", you can override this text in your support request
  • Credit Card Option - default option,  this is automatically set to be paid by ROLLER's credit card link, you can override this text in your support request
  • BPay  - optional
  • Bank Transfer - optional
  • Cheque - optional


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