Can you issue invoices through ROLLER?

With our Invoice functionality, you can send invoices to your customers to collect payment either for prior to the booking or after the booking (e.g. depending on how many guests are confirmed on the day)

Invoices contain:

  • The venue name
  • Legal business name
  • ABN/VAT/ business number
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Invoice number (automatically generated)
  • Date invoice is issued
  • Date invoice is due
  • Name & contact details of person to invoice
  • Itemised list of items booked/purchased
  • Amount received and owing
  • Payment options

Payment Options

To set the various payment options you want available for your invoices, please let us know by logging a support request which options you would like and what the instructions that customers need to know for each option. This includes:

  • Cash - default option, is set to "Bring your payment with you when you arrive to the venue", you can override this text in your support request
  • Credit Card Option - default option,  this is automatically set to be paid by ROLLER's credit card link, you can override this text in your support request
  • BPay  - optional
  • Bank Transfer - optional
  • Cheque - optional


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