How to update my Waiver

If you have made changes to your waiver or would like to add additional requirements

To make changes to your waiver, please provide the following, for us to update it for you:

  • Waiver terms and conditions in its entirety -  please include all formatting such as bold, italic, spacing, etc. If you intend to add checkboxes throughout the waiver, please denote for each and every clause that must be checked, using the following format:
    [CHECKBOX] I agree to.... [/CHECKBOX]
  • Validity - (number of days)
  • Minor age limit - (years)
  • Forms (optional): the name of the form you have created the collect additional details for your Waiver

Please log a support request and select Waiver Adjustments from the drop-down menu. Please note, only ROLLER Champions can log requests.



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