Create a waiver

You cannot edit waivers that have already been signed. To update your waiver, we decommission the existing one and publish a new one in its place.

Go to Waiver details

Hover over 'Settings', hover over the 'Waiver' option and click on 'Waiver Details'



Fill out the waiver in its entirety 

To make changes to your waiver, please fill in the following:

  • Name - we recommend using a date to be able to tell which version a customer has signed
  • Requires a signature - check this if you require a signature
  • Display expiry date on signed waiver - check this option if required
  • Valid for -  state the number of days e.g. 365 days for a year
  • Minimum age to sign waiver 
  • Use custom form for waivers - Online waivers form
    If the platform has the Forms functionality, you can attach a form created to collect additional details for your Waiver such as medical history 
  • Use custom form for waivers - Waivers kiosk form
    If the venue utilises Waiver kiosks, you can attach a form created to collect additional details for the Waiver Kiosk
  • Content -  Copy and paste the content of the waiver and you'll be able to utilise all formatting such as bold, italic, spacing, numbering, bullet points and hyperlinking a URL
  • Checkboxes - Please note, you can only have a maximum of 5 checkboxes. To add checkboxes throughout the waiver, please denote for each and every clause that must be checked, using the following format:
    [CHECKBOX] I agree to.... [/CHECKBOX]




Click 'Save & publish new waiver'

 A pop-up modal will display the following options:

  • 'Expire all existing waivers' - if the waiver has been changed immensely or there are new legal requirements, we highly recommending expiring existing waiver holders so customers have to sign again
  • 'Only save waiver' 



Waivers link

Click 'Get waivers link' to get the online waivers address and waivers kiosk address - even if updated, the links will always remain the same. Next to that is the 'Waiver holders' button which links to the area in the platform to manage signed waiversgetwaiverslink.gif


Example of Online Waiver:


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