Create a Standard Pass

Create Product

Hover over the 'Products' button in the left-hand side navigation and select 'Create product'


On the Products page and select the Standard pass option



Fill in the details

  • Name (required)
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Terms & Conditions

Upload an image

Click the Upload File button and select the file from your computer to upload. Once the image loads, pull and drag the crop marks to frame your image, anything with a dark overlay will be cropped out. Press Save



Create Pass Types



Click the Settings cog button to add these options:

  • Add a Ticket description - use the WYSIWG editor for your text description with options to bold, italicise, underline, use bullet points, numbering or link URLS 
  • Set a minimum and maximum purchase - type in the minimum and maximum per customer purchase in single transaction
  • Force minimum purchase means customers must purchase the minimum of this pass type- must check to activate
  • Group pass (great for family tickets or set groups) - must check to use and set number of guests included
  • Override Sales Period For This Ticket - You can set a specific sales periods for pass types that override the generic settings for the entire pass- select as prompted sale start date & time and sale end date & time
  • Override Image - if you want a different image for each image pass - click Upload File
  • Tax override - allows you to select a different tax option from your default tax settings for the ticket type,  you can also check the box if you would like it to be "Tax Inclusive"
  • Locations (if this activated for your platform) - select from the drop-down menu. Please note that if you use locations, you can keep quantity to Unlimited as it will pull from your location settings. Using Passes with Locations means it'll set that capacity for the entire day, you cannot segregate per hour unless making a ticket type and location per hour
  • GL Code - you can assign a GL code to this specific pass type

Set Dates 

You need to set the following by selecting specific dates or recurring dates:

  • What days this pass can be used - if you override the text this will override any date settings and display the text you've typed in e.g. Valid for 10 uses from date of purchase, Valid for one year from date of purchase, Doors open at 6pm, 31st March 2018, etc



These are pretty self-explanatory, once you click the check box, a text box will appear so you can type in an amount for the rules to apply to. If you select there is a limit to how many times a pass can be used, this can be used for Multi-passes that allow walk ins only. If you would like to create a Multi-pass that allows customers to book themselves online, read this article



Advanced Settings

From here you can set:


Exclusion Periods

Select recurring or specific dates from the calendar when the pass is not available e.g. Every Tuesday and Thursday or when your business is closed such as public holidays including Christmas and New Years Day 

When Customers Can Access This Pass Online

You can set customer to only access sales from a certain time and until a specific date/time, e.g. at 12 pm every day. If you want the product to be on sale 24/7 until the date of your product, please select the fixed date option


Create Add-Ons to generate extra revenue- these have to be created prior to making the Pass product or can be added in when editing your Pass. Select from the drop-down menu and click Add, there is no limit and you can click the Delete (trash icon) to remove any add-ons


This will be automatically set to the default, but you can choose from other preset options in the drop-down menu

Linked Waiver

Linked Waiver - select from the drop-down menu

Data Capture

This is only possible if you have our Forms functionality in your platform. The form has to be created prior to creating your Pass product or can be added in when editing your Pass. Select from the drop-down menu - please note that only one form can be used per product

GL Code

Select from the drop-down menu if you haven't added this in the Pass Settings

Venue Information

Only check this if your product is held at an address different due to your Venue Account Details setting, please type in the:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Website (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Contact Number (optional)



Click Save once you've completed all steps. Don't forget to add it to a checkout to start selling



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