Setting up Staff accounts

How to set up your staff with their own logins to ROLLER

Create an account or a staff member

Click on the 'Settings' menu, hover over 'Staff' and select 'Add staff member'



Create a new login

You will be redirected to a new page to create the new staff account:

The following are mandatory:

  • Name
  • Email - The email must unique for every user, otherwise, it will not let you save the Staff member. If your business has multiple venues - a user cannot have the same email for multiple venues. A red error message stating "Email already in use" will be displayed if this is the case.
  • Role-  Staff Permission roles determine what sections of the platform each team member will have access to and the functions they can perform in each eg. Administrator, Manager, Booking Agent or Doorlist Operator. For more information on what is included in each Role, please read this article


  • Image
  • Display Name- this is the name displayed in the Venue Manager and POS)
  • Contact Name  

Setting the password

To set their password, there are two options:

  • Click Set password - please note: this has to be 9 characters or more
  • Hit Send invite - this will send an email for the user to set their own password



Click Save Changes

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