Issuing physical gift cards purchased online

The process of issuing a physical gift card when a customer purchases one online from your platform


When a Physical Gift Card has been purchased, you can keep track of this 2 ways:

Getting a notification of sales

In the Account Venue Settings page, there is the ability to set receiving an email confirmation (like below) each time a purchase is made, this includes Gift Cards.

When an email confirmation for a Physical Gift Card is received, it will state that and include Recipient Details, Delivery details, Purchaser Details and a link to the booking ID. Once you click the booking ID, click on the Items tab and click on the gift card item to bring up the details


Checking sales of Physical Gift Cards

Alternatively, if notifications are not preferable, you can login to the platform (we recommend doing this regularly) to see how many physical gift cards have been purchased

Find the Gift Card

Head to the Products page

Hover over the 'Products' menu and select 'All Products'



From the 'Products' page, find your product, click the more button and select 'View Giftcards'




In your Gift Cards Manage page:

  • You can search by typing in the name or gift card ID in the Search bar 


  • Or you can Sort Descending on the Purchase Date column to show the most recent purchases


To make things easier, you adjust the settings for the columns on display to show the Delivery method (so you can see what is Physical) and the 'Is Sent' column. Don't be alarmed if any Online Gift Cards has the 'Is Sent' status set to No, all digital gift cards are automatically sent out according to what is scheduled, this functionality is only for staff to use internally to keep track of any physical cards issued

Once you have located the Gift Card, click the more button and click View giftcard to open the record




Edit your Gift Card

This will open up the gift card details in the Booking ID. From here, the following options can be edited to organise when sending out physical gift cards to customers

  • Gift card ID - If the physical gift cards do not have a unique identifying number, write down the Gift Card # from the ROLLER system onto the printed voucher. Otherwise, if you are using physical gift cards with preprinted unique numbers, change the Gift Card # on the ROLLER system to match the gift card you are sending out
  • Once the physical gift card(s) have been sent to the recipient, click the 'Is Sent' checkbox - this serves as a physical reminder that sending out the gift card has been actioned for yourself and other staff so as not to double up on gift cards issued




Click Save and the Timeline will be updated with any changes that were made


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