Issuing a gift card

You can create gift cards for your customers who call on the phone, purchase in the venue or you can create promo gift cards


Hover over the 'Products' menu and select 'All Products'



On the 'Products' page, find the gift card product, click the more button and select 'Issue New Gift Card'



Issue New Gift Card Details

A modal will pop up prompting you to:

  • Select the gift card denomination
  • Leave the Gift Card ID as is generated by the system or if it's a physical gift card, please type in the unique number on the physical voucher
  • Fill in purchaser's details including name, email and phone as well as the recipient's name




There are options to:

  • Send an e-gift card to the purchaser
  • Send an e-gift card to the recipient - this can be sent now or later according to a specific time zone and will require the recipient email and a message (optional)
  • Issue a physical card over the counter to a customer in store
  • Send physical gift card to the recipient - postage option must be selected and a record of the address must be keyed into each field. It is important when a physical gift card is sent to the customer,  that the staff member remembers to edit the gift card record "is sent" field to "Yes"




Payment can be taken by the following options:

  • Credit Card - fees apply as it is processed through the ROLLER platform, the credit card name, number, expiry and CCV is required
  • Cash - choose between cash or eftpos terminal
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • No Payment Required - for complimentary options


Once you have issued this, a success message will confirm that has been created and confirm details pertaining to delivery and scheduled emails such as confirmation of payment



If your account has a ROLLER POS system, you can sell physical gift cards at your venue during opening hours, from here you can only issue physical gift cards over the counter

On your ROLLER POS screen, select the Gift Card being purchased. Type in the Gift Card number from your printed voucher to assign it in the system - please remember this needs to be unique

Collect customer information (optional) and click Go to Payment and confirm the amount. Pay for the Gift Card either by Cash or Card to complete the transaction. You can print a Receipt if necessary


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