Setting up tax & fees

This section allows to set up various tax options for different products, add-ons or stock items as well as fees for online payments


Head to Tax & Fees

Hover over 'Settings', 'Account' and select 'Tax & Fees'




Existing tax options

The will be two set up already:

  • Tax option - this is automatically selected during product set up and is set as default 
  • No Tax option


Create a tax option

Click the 'Add tax' and give it a unique name and tax amount (%) and optional: you can make this the default but please note that there can only be one default


Delete tax option

Click the 'delete' icon to remove a tax option, please note the following:

  • It is not possible to delete the two defaults of Tax and No Tax
  • It is not possible to delete a default option - please select a different tax option as default in order to remove it


Applying the tax option to products

Head to the Product page and click edit on the product you want to apply the tax to. Scroll to the Tax section; this will be automatically set to the default, but you can choose from other preset options in the drop-down menutax.gif


Apply fees to your customers for their online payments. These will be added as an additional line item on their booking, and will not affect bookings made on site at the POS. 

We recommend checking with the payment gateway the venue is using to find out what the fees are and if so inclined, this can be passed onto the customer with the options below:

  • Check 'Customer pays fees' - if the venue is not to absorb any booking fees
  • Fixed fee per transaction ($) - allows setting a fixed dollar amount to the booking. Setting this applies a fixed cost to online bookings, does not vary based on what is purchased and how many items are purchased
  • Fee as a percentage of the transaction (%) - this option applies a fee for a percentage of the total amount paid. Will only be charged on credit card payments including online bookings, Venue Manager bookings and invoice payments via Credit Card. Please note this does not apply on POS payments




Anytime a change is made, the 'Save' button will appear in the bottom right corner, click this to make changes live




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