How to access POS

A walk through of where you load up your POS and how you connect it to your devices as well as configuring your POS settings

Login to POS

You can login to POS from Venue Manager by clicking the POS button on the left hand side menu. If you are POS operator with no access to the Admin area of the platform, you can sign in directly from 

If you have signed in previously and have a passcode, you will be prompted to use that, or you can Use email and password to sign in




Allocate Device to your POS

Once logged in, you'll be taken to the Device Settings where you will need to select the Device name you want to allocate to. If the device is taken it will appear greyed out and if it's available, it will be bold



Adjust Settings

Once your POS is allocated to a device, you will shown a list of Device Settingsoptions that you can adjust, anytime you want to change this, you just need to go to Settings in the bottom left corner and select Device from the options


Toggle between Yes and No for all the switches that apply:

  • Enable "Fast Cash" payments - fast cash enables you to process cash transactions by skipping the whole payments page and take a full cash payment, speeding up the purchase process
  • Skip "New Customer" details - if data collection isn't necessary
  • Require Post Code in "New Customers" details - if it is mandatory to collect postcode information
  • Capture Country in "New Customer" details - making it mandatory to capture Country data for each customer
  • Default tender to full amount - defaults cash payments to full tender when you select cash, in order to speed up the purchase process (if this is not enabled, you will need to enter the amount of cash given by the customer)
  • Automatically prompt for modifiers - eg. sides to cafe meals or coffee add-ons like sugar and milk
  • Capture table numbers - allows you to type in which table number is to be allocated to the order
  • Automatically prompt user for table number before payment - this option is only displayed if you switched on 'Capture table numbers', and prompts the POS operator to type in the table number before taking payment
  • Print production dockets - allows sending production dockets to the kitchen or cafe. Please read our article on stock items if you plan to use this setting
  • Print tickets - allows the option to print tickets from POS
  • Print master tickets - allows the option to print master tickets from POS
  • Auto print tickets - this settings prints tickets immediately after purchase from POS when you click "Go To Booking"
  • Auto check-in on purchase - setting is ideal for points of entry
  • Allow users to undo check-ins - allow Doorlist operators to undo check-ins
  • Enable Discounts - if you have discount codes to be available through POS
  • Enable custom discounts - allows custom discounts to be applied in dollar amount or set percentage, this requires the Manager Code for approval
  • Enable Custom Discount without Manager Code - allows custom discounts to be applied without requiring Manager Code approval
  • Enable complimentary - take complimentary bookings, this requires the Manager Code for approval
  • Automatically revert sell date to current date after each sale - this is self-explanatory
  • Use small POS tiles - allows you to fit more items on the screen by reducing the size of the tile
  • Enable Tabs - this option allows you to start a Tab that the customer can settle before they leave

Device Timeout

At the very bottom of the device switches, is this handy little feature - this setting allows you to set an automatic logout if there is no activity after a certain amount of time- this encourages staff to sign out/sign in during shift changes

This is always set to Never but you can adjust this by sliding the circle to the number of minutes you would like the device to log out after no activity e.g. 15 minutes


Save Settings or Deactivate Device

If you want to make these changes live, click Save Settings once you are done

If you would like to change devices, all you need to do is click Deactivate Device and go through the steps again and selecting a different device

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