How to refund a booking

Time to time, you might have to refund tickets due to cancellations or unforeseen circumstances. It happens. Here's what to do...
  • Refunding from your Payment Gateway

    If you have your own Payment Gateway (BraintreeBPoint, Adyen, Payment Express or SagePay), your Payment Gateway should have its own instructions on how to refund your customer from the gateway. If the transaction was not processed through the gateway, you cannot refund if there is no existing transaction

    Refunds are an external process and occur in the Payment Gateway or in venue, once it's been refunded, you can head to your ROLLER Admin area to adjust or cancel tickets as necessary


    Logging Refunds through the ROLLER System

    ROLLER Refunds provides the functionality to refund the customer a specified sum of money up to the total booking cost. It is important to note that this will not actually refund the customer, this action will mark the booking as refunded for reporting purposes. You will still need to refund the customer manually via the original payment method (your Payment Gateway, cash, EFTPOS, etc). You must be a Manager permission level (or higher) or have a Manager's code to be able to refund a customer

    Once you have found your booking, click the more button in the top right corner and select Refund from the options. A pop-up modal will open and from here you can select the Refund method (we recommend using the same method as the original purchase):

    • Credit Card - it is recommended that you state the Payment gateway ID
    • Cash
    • EFTPOS
    • Cheque
    • Bank Transfer
    • Gift Card - you are required to put in the Gift Card ID for this option. Please note: this is only for refunding to a customer's existing gift card, it will automatically update their gift card but bear in mind if the gift card is expired, the refund will be applied but is unusable without an extension of the expiry

    You can leave a note as to why a refund was required, change the refund amount if it's partial and check the tick box 'Refund and cancel booking' if you want to automatically cancel the booking. Please note that cancelling a booking is not an action you can reverse


    If the refund is only partial, an amount owing will be displayed and you'll need to remove the refunded product/ticket to remove the amount owing. Click Save & Reserve

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