Create a stock item

Please note: Stock should be used instead of add-ons if your item requires tracking & maintenance of replenishment levels


Create your Product

Hover over the 'Products' button in the left-hand side navigation and select 'Create product'



On the Products page and select the Stock button



Fill in the details

Add a Name 

75 characters maximum. This can describe the category of Stock so you can have multiple varieties under the one Product


Upload an Image 

Click the Upload File button and select the file from your desktop to upload. Once the image loads, pull and drag the crop marks to frame your image, anything with a dark overlay will be cropped out. Press Save. Click here for our Image template


Set tax

This will be automatically set to the default, but you can choose from other preset options in the drop-down menu


Add varieties

Please note that Modifiers should be created for each stock item as necessary and Varieties should reflect the size of the product e.g.
Name of Product: Coffee
Variety Name: Small
Variety Name: Large

Set the name and price. If you have Unlimited quantity, check the box, otherwise set the Qty on Hand and PAR (replenishment reminder- if the quantity drops below a certain amount as set by you)

To add another, click Add Another Variety and repeat the steps above and if you added one by the Delete (trash icon) button


Click the more icon, there are the following advanced settings:

  • add a variation image for that particular variation
  • set it so that it Has User Defined Cost
  • assign a specific GL Code to the variety
  • assign a Barcode ID to each variety. Please note: this feature is only available for certain subscriptions and may require an upgrade to activate. You can scan the Barcode ID directly into this text box or type it in manually
  • Tax override allows you to apply a specific tax rate to the stock variety and set whether it is 'tax inclusive'


Product category (optional)

Product categories is an admin tool to help manage products by allowing the grouping of products into useful categories to access them easier throughout the platform, including when searching for the availability of a group of products.

By default, products are grouped by type such as Session, Pass, Add on, etc but with Product categories, you can customise different product types under one title such as Beverages. Check all categories that apply or use the search bar




Set the printer for where the production dockets print to

To print the production docket to go to the kitchen or cafe printer, please go to your computer's Control Panel, find out the exact name of your printer and put this into this field. Please note, you can print multiple dockets to different printers, but each item can only go to one printer

If you use this setting, please ensure to activate the "Production Dockets" setting on your POS Device




Click Save, located at the bottom right of the screen. Once that is done, it can be configured in POS sales settings or added to the Checkout



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