How to edit a Booking within the same product

If your event/product is across multiple dates and this is configured in the one product, follow these steps to make changes

Find your Booking

Head to the Search bar and look for the customer's booking either by typing in their Name or Booking ID. Select the correct booking from the drop down menu



Change the date of the booking

Click on the Order Tab

Click on the Booking Date and change the date by selecting a new date from the drop-down Calendar. Note: Please ensure this product is available on that new date you are selecting

If you are using the Sessions product, please note you won't be able to change the time using this method, please read this article if you require to change a Session time


Change Ticket Quantities

Click on the text box for Qty for the tickets/products you want to adjust, and type in the ticket quantity it's being adjusted to



Remove a Product/Item completely

Click the Delete button (trash can icon) if you want to remove something from the order. There is an Undo Delete button if you have made a mistake


Save Changes

Press Save & Reserve to finalize changes to the booking



If you have added more to the Order, it will update the Booking Total and let you know next to the Payment the figure that is 'Owing'. It will also have buttons prompting to 'Take Payment' or create a 'New Invoice'



If you are reducing the Order total, the amount under Owing will state 'overpaid'


Add Booking Notes

This optional but we highly recommend making this part of your staff processes. Click on the Details tab, and click Add Booking Notes -  e.g. "Originally booked 8th April- changed booking to 20th May by Staff Name DD/MM/YYYY". Click Save so that in future, it can be referred to by yourself or other staff members


Send new email confirmation

If you need to send an email confirmation to your customer, click the more button in the top right corner of the screen and click Send Confirmation Email, a pop-up modal will prompt you to confirm the email address



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