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This is suited for Trampoline Parks or venues that may have limited capacity. Please note that with this configuration, discount codes are not time sensitive. Customers purchase a pass and are issued a unique discount code that allows them to book a session ahead of time

Redemption: Using their designated discount code, customers can book themselves in online or quote this over the phone or in venue 
Tracking: Use the Discounts section to see how often their code has been utilised


Create a Pass

Read our article on how to create one. Make sure to set a text override to say something along the lines of "This cannot be used to redeem anything, you will receive a separate email with a discount code that will allow you to book in for your visits"


Head to the Discounts section

Hover on 'Products', select 'Discount Codes' and click on 'Create Discount Code'





Follow these steps to create the Multipass Discount Code

If you have more than one Multi-pass product, please remember that you need to create a Discount Code for each Multi-pass product

Name the Discount e.g 10 x Multi-pass



Set this to 'Issue codes on purchase' and select the Multi-pass ticket type created



Discount type

Set this to a percentage at 100% off



Select from the drop-down, the products the customer's code can be redeemed against.



Usage Limits

Set this to the number of uses, 10 in this example and ensure it's set to 'Across selected products'




You can Restrict booking dates if you only want customers to book for certain date ranges and days, we don't recommend this as this means constant monitoring and updating discount configuration 


Click Save to create the Discount Code



If you have another Multi-pass discount to create for another product or ticket type, please repeat and follow the steps above

What the customer sees

After setting this, when your customer purchases your Multi-pass, they will receive a confirmation email as well as a separate email with their unique discount code to use for x number of times (as set by you)


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