Legacy Sessions

Create your Product

When you login to your ROLLER platform, click New + in the left hand side menu and select Product from the drop down menu


On the Products page and select the Passes button


Set the Product as a Session

Set it to Session

Fill in the details

  • Name (required)
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Terms & Conditions


Upload an image

Click the Upload File button and select the file from your desktop to upload. Once the image loads, pull and drag the crop marks to frame your image, anything with a dark overlay will be cropped out. Press Save

Click Save & Continue to go to the next page


Set your Location

Choose from the drop down menu, the locations this product applies to, you can select by group or specific location


Session Durations

Tick this box if your sessions in this product run at the same length of time and type in how many minutes your sessions last


Create your Pass Type

Give the ticket type a name, price per session and leave the quantity to unlimited as the capacity will pull from your set location

Click the Advanced Settings button (cog) to:

  • Give a Pass Description
  • Set a Minimum (especially for groups & parties) and Maximum Purchase amount
  • Force Minimum Purchase (makes it mandatory for the customer to buy whatever minimum you set to proceed with the transaction)
  • Group Pass (if you want to admit a group of people or family)
  • Override Image if you want to use a different image
  • For regular sessions, set the location (pick from the drop down menu)
  • Set Consecutive Session Pricing- click the + button and type in how much discount (dollar or percentage off) customers get for booking and it'll automatically calculate the price
  • For passes applying to multiple locations such as parties- set each location on it's own line by clicking the + button (pick from the drop down menu). Choose your main location and set the start and end time. For your secondary location (eg party rooms), select the location and start & end time. The start and end times do not have to be identical but one of them should start at zero and at least one location should end at the same time as the session duration you initially set 

To create multiple pass types, click Add Another Pass Type and follow the same steps. We recommend not creating everything in the one product, e.g. keep Sessions and Parties separate with their own session product each


Set Availability

Click a date on the calendar, click Add Session. Under New Session, you set the time (optional: you can change the name of the session), you can add and remove pass types. We recommend to keep this option ticked: Use locations defined in pass types to keep things neat & tidy

You can Duplicate session times, please note it'll only start at the end of the previous session time, so you will have to create new session durations if you want to start on every half hour. Please note if you have consecutive hours available for sale, it will only follow the rules as to what you set here in terms of session times, for example if you have consecutive hours for 2 and 3 hours but your last session of the day is 5 to 6pm, you can't book a 3 hour consecutive session at 4pm. You can always Delete if you have created too many sessions

Once you have done a day, you can Duplicate to Other Days, either by selecting Specific Days on the calendar or Recurring Days (tick days that are applicable from Monday - Sunday and a specific time period)

If your weekends are different to weekdays, you can create another day of sessions and change the colour code to another colour so you can distinguish the different timings. Click the colour dot next to Sessions and choose from the drop down


Exclusion Periods

If you are closed on public holidays or maybe undergoing repairs/renovations, you can set exclusion periods so you're not selling ticket for those dates by Selecting specific dates or Set up recurring days

Set When Customers Can Purchase this Product

Specify the date from when you plan to start selling this product and until what time customers can buy it- x minutes/hours/days before session time


Full Payment vs Deposit


Set Tax

This will be automatically set to the default, but you can choose from other preset options in the drop down menu



If you want to collect waivers as part of the purchase journey, select the waiver from the drop down list for the product (if you have more than one waiver)


Onsell with Add Ons

Create Add Ons to generate extra revenue- these have to be created prior to making the Pass product or can be added in when editing your Pass. Select from the drop down menu and click Add, there is no limit and you can click the Delete (trash icon) to remove any add ons


Capture Additional Data

This is only possible if you have our Forms functionality in your platform. The form has to be created prior to creating your Pass product or can be added in when editing your Pass. Select from the drop down menu - please note that only one form can be used per product


Click Publish to Start Selling

If you are unsure about your Pass or not ready, click Save without Publishing which accessible from the New +  > Products page. 

If you click Publish, a link will be generated so you can view your new product

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