Editing & removing Staff access

How to adjust settings for staff or remove accounts entirely

Head to the Staff page

Click on the 'Settings' menu and select 'Staff'



On the Staff page, a list of all staff members will be displayed. Please note that the first staff permission is ROLLER'S access and cannot be removed

Make Changes to a Staff Account


Click the more button of the relevant staff member, from here, you can:
  • Edit - this will let you edit all the settings you had access to when you initially created the staff account: Name, Display Name, Image,  Email Address, Contact Number, change Permission Level and change the Password
  • Set Passcode - this allows Doorlist Operators to log in using a short 4-6 digit passcode. It is important that no two staff members have the same passcode, we recommend keeping track of which passcodes have already been used
  • Or Remove Staff Member - a pop-up modal will ask you to confirm this. Once the removal has been confirmed, please note, the account cannot be reinstated

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