Configure what you want to sell in the POS

Each POS can be set up to sell different things. It takes less than a minute to fully configure a new POS. Here's how!

Please note: If a device is linked to a template then when you open up the device it will be 'locked'. In order to change any sales settings, it has to be unlocked - at which point a warning will pop up: "Editing this device will unlink it from the template". Should the update be required across multiple devices, please update from the POS Templates area in VM rather than from the standalone device

Head to your Sell settings

Click Sell from the Settings menu options 



Choose a date and press Sync Data to get the latest product list available for the date you've selected

Click Add POS Menu Tab when this finishes loading



Configuring menu settings

A pop-up modal will prompt you to type in a Menu name and select what products you want to be listed. You can select entire products or specific product types and search to narrow down products. Click Add once you've added all the necessary products

Please note: If you have products that are not available for the date you have selected in Step 1, please note these will not be displayed in the Menu Settings option. The POS system doesn't automatically select all products outside of your selected synced day. To add these items, you'll need to select a date where all products are available. 

To add more menu options, repeat steps 1-4


Organising menu options and button

You can rearrange the order of the POS menu tabs by using the up and down  arrows and you can also use the - button to remove the menu option

To edit, click the pencil icon, make your changes on the pop up modal. Always click Save Menu to make changes live



The left-hand side menu will update accordingly but please remember, it is ideal to limit the number of tabs you have on your screen and to keep it simple 

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