Refunding via the POS

Put through a wrong transaction or unhappy customer (Shh! I won't tell)'s how you can refund them directly over the counter using POS

To issue a Refund using POSyou will require a Manager as only they can authorise refunds. If you click Refund, a pop up modal will appear asking for the Manager Code

Find the Booking

This can either be done from the Bookings Tab or the Activity tab, search either by Booking Name or ID.  Click on the booking to display further information




It is recommended to refund using the original payment method. Click the Refund button, a pop-up modal will appear giving you 3 options:

  • Cash - you will need to pop the till to give the money to the customer
  • Credit Card - you will need the credit card to swipe when refunding
  • Gift Card - it will refund to an existing gift card, you will need to know the unique Gift Card ID to refund this way

From here, you need to select a refund method:

  • Total paid - this will refund the full amount paid, but will not cancel the booking, use this method if you want to take full payment via another payment method
  • Individual tickets - this will list out all tickets and you can refund individual ticket(s) by selecting the checkbox. This option will remove those items from the booking, and if you select all it will cancel the booking. Use this method if you are not going to be taking a further payment for the booking
  • Individual tips - allows the ability to refund a tip or multiple forms of gratuity from the booking
  • Other amount - is a custom amount as chosen by the user, it can not be more than the total paid and will not cancel the booking

Please note: Whenever a number pad is displayed, POS users are able to change the amount to be refunded by clicking the backspace button and keying in the amount (it must be less than the total as it is not possible to refund more than what's been paid)


Click the Issue Refund to process and from here you can Print Receipt or just exit by clicking the of the pop up modal

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