Update venue settings

These are the platform settings for your business' ROLLER Account.

Head to the venue settings page

Hover over 'Settings' menu > 'Account' and click 'Venue settings'




In the top left, next to 'Update Playground', click the 'Unlock to make changes' button

This will prompt a pop-up modal to input the password (only Admin accounts can access or edit this page)

Business Details

These are fields that can be adjusted:

  • Legal business name
  • Business number
  • Public phone - phone number to customers
  • Contact phone - if the 'Contact phone number is same as public' option is not checked, you can input the best number for ROLLER to reach the venue on
  • Booking notification email - if you would like to receive notifications every time a purchase is made online
  • Enquiries Email - if the 'Enquiries email is same as bookings' option is not checked, you can input an email to receive inbox enquiries
  • Website
  • Address
  • Overbooking 'Require manager authorisation to overbook?' - check this setting to ensure only Managers can authorise overbooking


Click 'Save' to publish changes 
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