Balancing the Till at the end of the day

Head to your Current Till Settings

Please note Doorlist Operators do not have access to adjust these settings, only Admin or Managers can with the Manager's Code

Your Current Till will show you the history of credit card payments taken, gift card takings, cash transactions, cash float additions & deductions. To close this off at the end of the day:

Go into the POS Settings and click Current Till



Close your Till

Click Save & Close Session

A pop up modal will ask you to type in the actual cash balance in the till, press Submitto continue or you can click the Use cash calculator option if you want to be more specific with the amount of notes or coins in the til

Key in the amount of denominations you have as per the options and it cash calculator will automatically calculate the total. Click Submit and you'll be prompted Confirm or if you need to make changes, hit Edit




Once you have confirmed and closed, the Current Till will be updated and the statement will show any differences. Press Print to obtain a physical copy for your records

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