Adding payments to existing bookings

Search for Booking

Login to your POS and search in the Bookings tab using the Booking ID or Booking Name. Click on the correct booking to bring up the booking details

Towards the bottom of the booking on the right-hand side of the screen, the amount paid will be displayed. If there is "Remaining" in red and a blue Charge button, this means the booking is owing money and it will also let you know the amount due for payment. Staff will need to charge this prior to customers being able to use their tickets



Add Discounts

Click the more button next to 'Edit Details' and select the Discount type, if Custom Discounts is not activated on the POS, Amount and Percentage will not be displayed as options. To add a discount, set the code, amount or percentage:

  • Code requires typing in the discount code
  • Amount requires typing in the amount either using the keyboard or the number pad on the screen
  • Percentage also requires typing in the amount either using the keyboard or the number pad on the screen

Click 'Apply Discount', the Remaining balance will be updated to reflect the discount

Repeat the steps if you would like to add another discount code to the booking



Print receipt

To activate this option for all POS devices, please log a support request.

This functionality allows printing of receipts for existing bookings prior to making a payment. Click the more button next to 'Refund' button and select 'Print receipt'.This will prompt the print dialog modal, click 'Print' to proceed or 'Cancel' if it is not required




Tips can only be added from the booking in POS. To activate this option for all POS devices, please log a support request.

For all bookings including paid bookings, there is also an option when clicking the more button to add a 'Tip'. This suits the scenario whereby a customer decides to tip on the day but the booking is paid in full already

When you select Tip, you can select it to go to the General Pool or to a specific team member. You can use the keypad to put a specific amount in or use the preset percentages of 15%, 18% and 20%. Click 'Add Tip To Booking' to take payment for this and process the total owed on the payment calculator



Charge the Owing Amounts

For partially or unpaid bookings, when you click the 'Charge' button, there is also an option to add a tip in the payment popup modal. From here you can choose from the following options to take payment for what is owing:

  • Cash
  • Card 
  • Giftcard

Both Cash and Card require you to key in the amount to be paid, payments do not have to match the full amount owing if you are accepting multiple payments. Click 'Take Payment' to process the transaction and it will prompt you to print a Receipt

When taking a payment via Giftcard, you will need to scan or type in the Giftcard ID, On the next screen, you will be shown the balance of the gift card and from here the amount to charge will need to be typed in. A warning will appear if the amount owing is more than the gift card balance, click 'Charge' when you have determined the amount

To take multiple payments, click the 'Charge' button in the bottom right and repeat as necessary until no amounts are owing



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