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A 'Checkout' is what your customer sees when they are trying to purchase the products you have created on your ROLLER platform. You can customise which products you want to sell on your checkout flow, and it can be either embedded into your website using an iframe code or via an added link to your website which will be redirected to your dedicated ROLLER checkout page

It is important to note that you are publishing a product to be for sale on a live environment. ROLLER is not responsible for any product configuration that may interfere with sales on either the product or checkout flow level. Any troubleshooting support requests to resolve these items will incurred an additional per hour charge that is outside your monthly support subscription cost. Please read the steps below on how to create a Checkout ⏬

Head to the Checkouts page

Hover over 'Products', from 'Checkouts', click on 'Create Checkout'



Please note, you can also add this from the Checkouts page, click ‘Create Checkout’ or if you have alreadyhade existing Checkouts, there’s an ’Add Checkout button in the top right corner




Add Details

The first step is to give the Checkout a unique name and this will automatically generate the URL. Please do not use special characters or punctuation


Date Settings

  • The ‘use date selector’ is automatically checked and should remain this way if the product is available for most days as this option  will show the calendar on the checkout flow so that customers are able to pick a date for their intended visit. If the product is only available on one set date, we highly recommend uncheckingthis setting
  • ‘Set checkout date’ - should be checked when the product or products are for sale on a particular date or is only on sale from a specific start date (for example, your venue is only open from the start of summer). Once you select this setting, you need to choose a date from the calendar, ensure to select the date the product starts or falls on. 
  • The ‘Donations’ options is for those that have the Donations module which allows you to create Donations using the add on functionality. This option allows you to create a Donation-only checkout or automatically add donations to each product

💡  Tip: If your product is not showing up on a particular date, we highly recommend that you check the product configuration to see what dates this product is available for as well as the sales settings

Products Page Details

The next few options under the 'Products' page are all optional:



  • Page title - introduce your customer to your product offerings, this can only be set at a maximum of 60 characters
  • Image - (640 x 390 pixels, format: GIF, JPG or PNG, must be less than 1MB). This will appear above your existing products, under Page Title and next to your description
  • Description/instructions - create a description and use our WYSIWYG editor to bold, italicise, underline, use bullet points, numbering or link your text to a URL. One use case of this area is to promote a special offer with a link to another check out flow

💡 Tip: hovering over the tooltips will give you a preview of where these options will appear on your Checkout flow


Selecting Products

Click on the Search box, then type in the product name and from the drop-down, select the product you want to add. To rearrange the hierarchy, hover over the product and use the arrow icons to change the order or to remove a product, click the trash can icon



  • ‘Use groups in product listing’ setting allows grouping products into categories such as Tickets, Multi-passes and Gift Cards. Give the group a name and rearrange your products using the arrow icons accordingly, click ‘Add Product Group’ if you need to add more groups. Please note that all product listings in the check out flow must be either grouped or ungrouped as it is not possible to group some and have others ungrouped. If this setting is unchecked, this will remove all created groups, ungroup every item and cannot be undone
  • A checkout that contains a single product will be expanded by default, however if there is more than one product, each product in the list is collapsed to save space. To choose a ticket type, a customer must first click the product to expand it. Checking the ‘Expand products’ setting will eliminate this step, but bear in mind that the page could become very long if the checkout contains many products and ticket types.


Add another Product Page

To upsell or create an even more profitable customer journey, add a second page to your check out flow to sell more Passes, Sessions or Gift Cards, this page is not applicable to add ons. For example, you may decide to promote one type of product on the first page and then on the second page, sell other products such as special events, offers or gift cards

Click ‘Add another product page’ and create it as per previous instructions:


Please note that you can only have one additional page per checkout flow and to remove this, click the ‘Remove product page 2’ button. A pop up dialog will appear and ask you if you’re sure to delete group


Additional Settings

These settings apply to all product pages:



  • Override URL - if you don’t want the pre-populated name at the end of your checkout flow link, highlight the text and type in the new name accordingly. Please note that the URL can only have alphanumeric characters or dashes and it has to be unique (if you have another URL with the same link, only the original checkout flow will work)

For those using Sessions, there is the ability to customise the following:

  • 'Use tiles' or 'use horizontal bars' to display the remaining capacity
  • Ability to 'show number of tickets remaining' - this gives customers the actual figure of spots or rooms available
  • 'Customers to choose their session duration' - allows customers to select multiple hours if you are using consecutive sessions, this has to be configured in your sessions products to display on the checkout

Under Payment,

  • 'Customer pays fees' - override fee settings and ensure that customers pay fees in the checkoutflow
  • 'Accept only discount codes as payments' - for example if using Multi-pass discount code functionality, you can have set it up so the check out flow can only be paid using a Discount Code. ❗ Remember: This option does not accept any payments via credit card or gift card, so please ensure this is the functionality required- if you select this method and have products that do not accept payments via discount code, this will prevent your customers from purchasing the product



In the top right corner of the screen,  click on ‘URL and embed code to generate the direct link for the checkout flow and iFrame code so that it can be embedded the checkout in your website



In the bottom right, click ‘Save’ and it will take you back to the main Checkouts page and show all your checkout flows



Depending on your subscription level, you may only be allowed a set amount of checkout flows, to add more to your account, you will be prompted to 'Upgrade Now'



❗ It is important to remember, that you are publishing a product to be for sale on a live environment. ROLLER is not responsible for any product configuration that may interfere with sales on either the product or checkout flow level. Any troubleshooting support requests to resolve these items will incurred an additional per hour charge that is outside your monthly support subscription cost


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