Editing or removing a Checkout

1. Go to Apps > All Checkouts



2. Scroll down to the Checkout flow you want to adjust and click the more button, select from the drop-down:

  • Edit - this will allow you to adjust changes to your existing Checkout and will take you into the Checkout builder page. Please note it can take 5 minutes for changes to appear when you update and Save an existing checkout
  • Copy URL to clipboard - is a shortcut to give the click off link for the Checkout
  • Archive - this will remove your checkout and this action cannot be reversed



3. Select Edit if adding or removing items and on the Checkout configuration, scroll the to the product section

  • Type in the name of the product and select it to add to the list
  • To remove an item, hover over the item until the Delete button appears, click this to remove
  • Use the Up or Down arrows to change the hierarchy



4. Click Save 


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