Editing or removing a Checkout

Head to the Checkouts 

Hover over 'Products' and click on 'Checkouts'




How to Edit or Archive

Scroll down to the Checkout flow you want to adjust and click the more button, select from the drop-down:

  • Edit - this will allow you to adjust changes to your existing Checkout and will take you into the Checkout builder page. Please note it can take 5 minutes for changes to appear when you update and Save an existing checkout
  • Copy URL to clipboard - is a shortcut to give the click off link for the Checkout
  • Archive - this will remove your checkout and this action cannot be reversed



Adding or removing items from the Checkout

Scroll the to the product section

  • Type in the name of the product and select it to add to the list
  • To remove an item, hover over the item until the Delete button appears, click this to remove
  • Use the Up or Down arrows to change the hierarchy



Save changes

Click the Save button in the bottom right corner so the changes are made live


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