Using POS V2

A run-through of POS V2

Please watch the video below for a rundown of POS V2 👇🏻



Or read the step-by-step instructions below. Note: It’s important to remember that anything to do with settings and making sales is still the same and the changes that have been implemented is to the UX Design to improve functionalities as well as streamline processes for checking in and existing bookings. Please note, we will be discontinuing POS v1 so I highly recommend starting to switch your staff over now.


Switching on V2 

When you log into your POS device today, you can preview the new version once you allocate the device and adjust its settings, toggle the switch to Enable POS V2 to 'Yes' and hit the button 'Save Settings'. This will allow you time to familiarise yourself with the new POS and give time to train the rest of your team




Global Search

One of the best new features is the Global Search - we have improved our search functionality to look through all bookings without having to change the POS Check In sync settings. Click on the Bookings tab and search for a name or Booking ID and in the instance the “Sorry, nothing found” message appears, there is a blue button called 'Try Searching Online', click this and it will bring up any bookings that will match your search input.




Adding Tips

There is an option to add a tip in the payment pop up modal and there is also a button in the left panel of the booking if a customer decides to tip separate to initial payment.

When you select Tip, you can select it to go to the General Pool or to a specific team member. You can use the keypad to put a specific amount in or use the preset percentages of 15%, 18% and 20%. Click Add Tip to take payment for this and process the total payment



Editing Booking Details 

Next to the Tip button is the 'Edit Details' button, which allows you to add details such as Primary Contact, Email, Contact Number, Postcode, and Booking Notes. Click 'Save Changes to add those changes to the booking




Checking in tickets

From the right panel, we have designed the buttons to be in the order of the actions that are carried out at your venue for check-in:

  • Waivers- for venues using the Waiver module, attach the waiver by clicking the pencil icon, this will show you the most recently signed waivers but you can also search for the correct waiver - it will display the waiver holder's age and date of birth. If you are not using this module, this option will not appear on your Point of Sale
  • Print - this will prompt the modal to allow you to print the ticket. If the Print button is not appearing for you, please check your settings for the POS device and know that you can set printing options to either the itemised or master ticket template.
  • Check in - a tick icon will allow you to check in guests

The green color will denote that the action has been completed



You can check the 'Hide checked in', this option is particularly useful when you have a large group booking. By checking the 'Select All' button or checking multiple tickets, you can carry out actions in bulk with the corresponding buttons. For example, the more button will allow you to remove a waiver or waivers in case you've selected incorrect ones.

There is also an option to print all selected tickets in one action or check in all tickets that have been selected in the booking rather than doing this one by one. Please note: if you accidentally checked in a ticket, you can click the check-in button again and a pop-up module will ask if you are sure you want to undo the check-in.


Please note: It is not recommended to check in people in at a later date if a check-in has been missed as this will affect reports and daily numbers. At the end of the session time, a booking will "expire" and will be accounted for correctly in all the reports, apart from the attendance report


Viewing specific ticket

If you click the User Icon of a specific ticket, this will open the Single Ticket view where you can see specific information related to that ticket such as the expiry date, last check-in, number of times checked in and there is also a 'Customer' tab if you would like to assign a Ticket Holder name and if needed, you can also apply a 'Custom Ticket ID'



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